CRO-A-PORTER - day 1.

Cro-a-porter is one of the first Crotian fashion weeks where lot's of good Croatian designers present their collections. So, let's start with first day.

Two young designers Ivan Tandarić (1982) and Aleksandar Šekuljica (1985) love kind of trashy design with lot's of colors, and as much I remember this is their first dark collection. They often collaborate with Croatian singers. More about them on http://www.elfs.hr/hr/#elfs


Linea is the exclusive Croatian fashion house from Zagreb with thirty years' tradition. More you can see http://www.linea-exclusive.com/


Young designer first time presented her self on Cro-a-porter in spring this year, and now again.


Behind this brand is Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik who already at university, gets invited to numerous fashion shows both in the country and abroad. Exploring the limits of fashion design, she cooperates with distinguished institutions like Gallery ULUPUH and the Archeological Museum in Zagreb. At the end of 2004 Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik founds the fashion studio Etna Maar, engrafting her creations with the label "Etna Maar" at the same time. It is a symbolic name charged with energy of Etna, the miraculous volcano in Sicily, and Dora Maar, a self-confident, eccentric photographer from the period of surrealism.
More at http://www.etnamaar.com/hr/intro/


Mary and Jurica Pirić, fashion duet and the married couple which workes under the fashion label Arileo. They worked for famous fashion houses like Armani and Nitya, and Mary worked for years for Emporio Armani. More at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ARILEO-studio/90092094353?sk=wall


Boris Pavlin made his designing debut in spring 2005, after completing post graduate studies at Milan's Istituto Marangoni. He is famous for his beautiful dresses.

All photos are from http://cro-a-porter.hr/web2011jesen/index.php

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